Hot! Fuck school

Sitting here waiting to start an exam, yea Saturday morning. Spent my entire Friday night face down in a book filled with useless knowledge. I’m sick of being spoon fed a bunch of facts that I will never use in my life. I’ve tried to engage in conversations related to my course with people in my professional career and it has always led to nothing. I’ve never wanted to be one of those annoying people who know everything about anything but this institution seems to force it upon me.

I’ve learned most of my skills outside the class room either through the internet or hands on experience. I work with some big players in my field and they have taught me more useful lessons in 2 years than I have in 4 years combined at school. I respect education and the person you become after a legit education but in the real world experience is what people are looking for. Which to me is bullshit, talent should be the only factor that matters when choosing employees. There are people out there that have been working in industries for years that fucking suck at their job. Good employers can recognize talent which is why I will never look at a resume when I hire someone. If you want a job, come in and impress me, if you can’t do that then you don’t have the talent to work with me.



Respect is not given but earned and the events and experiences throughout my life deserve the up-most. I don’t take shit nor do I give one, so bow down to the king and pay your respects.

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